We are here to enjoy the moment together. Welcome, we are pleased that you got here. Coffee-Spedition is a virtual company realizing orders in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. What makes us different is unity, solid and honest work and passion during completing our tasks.

VTC history

Coffee Spedition VTC has been created at 20th October 2017 by ILikeIcedCoffee together with karol_domag and Wujek Mateusz. The main reason of its creation was new circle of acquaintances for people leaving previous company.

Wanna join our company?

We require: (Full list in polish you will find in rules.) Do you meet the requirements? Great! If so, you are welcome to apply and attend the interview.

Our drivers

Coffee-Spedition never aimed to be a highly numerical company. So far, the highest number of drivers employed at any given time is 32. The company's main premise is that there should be a pleasant, family atmosphere among those employed. Particular attention is paid to ensuring that there is no sense of superiority or humiliation among the employed people in the company. Everyone employed at Coffee-Spedition is first and foremost a driver of the TruckersMP community, and the game itself is treated as a way to spend leisure time. It is very important that older, more experienced drivers are helpful, helpful, helpful to young, just hired people. We know that each of us was also once young and inexperienced. However, we remember that the help we received from our older colleagues greatly accelerated our process in our quest to discover more secrets of the game, become better and feel more and more fun from the game itself. Now it is we who want to partially repay in this way. Coffee-Spedition boasts a high percentage of drivers with very high seniority dating back to the company's inception. Our motto "The company is people" is to realize that everyone employed here is part of the company. We believe that distance from each other and mutual understanding at every level of our communication is needed for long-term uniform growth.



Summary of activity

(as of today)
7 Number of employed drivers
2.04 Largest distance in a month (mln km)
591 Largest distance per week (thousand kilometers)
81 Number of months of continuous operation